Napa Valley Grille - Closed

220 W. Market
Bloomington, MN 55425
Napa Valley Grille

Kathy+Easthagen Mall+dining%3A+Hot+dog+on+a+stick+or+NVG%27s+king+salmon+with+basil+risotto+cake%3F


  • $$$; $$$$
  • Breakfast, Brunch
  • Beer/Wine
  • Parking Lot Available
The Napa Valley Grille has always been the best restaurant in the Mall of America. For that matter, it's been the best restaurant in the world of the airport, Bloomington, Eagan, and so forth, but even given that unshakeable designation, it has waxed and waned in excellence over the years. That said, it is very worth checking out right now. Wine flights, all-day service (including a remarkable weekend brunch), a clubby, classy dining room, and other amenities combine to make this one of the metro's premier date destinations--whether you're meeting your spouse for a weekday movie, seeking neutral, public ground for a first date, or just hoping to combine your Christmas shopping with a little reward for yourself.

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