Mounds Theatre

1029 Hudson Road
St. Paul, MN 55106

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  • Burlesque Rocks!
    7 months ago by Jessica Armbruster

    Throughout the year, the fine folks at Toil & Trouble have presented saucy theme nights that have included science-fiction homages, Saturday-morning cartoon-inspired stripping, and more. This Thanksgiving weekend, they'll be taking ...

  • Toil & Trouble's Burlesque Rocks: Win Tickets!
    8 months ago by Jessica Armbruster

    This upcoming Thanksgiving weekend marks the final performance of the season for Toil & Trouble burlesque troupe. But they won't be trotting out any turkeys. Instead, they're cranking the amps to 11 and jamming out to rock tunes. Ta...

  • Real Haunted Tours
    8 months ago by Jessica Armbruster

    Looking for thrills beyond costumed actors, rubber masks, and fake blood? Mounds Theatre offers real scares with its Halloween tours. The historic 1920s building is believed to be one of the most haunted spaces in the Twin Cities. T...

  • Top Drawer Burlesque Exposition
    11 months ago by Jessica Armbruster

    This weekend, Mounds Theatre will be hosting an epic celebration of Twin Cities talent at this year's Top Drawer Burlesque Exposition. There will be two shows each night, and all four programs boast a different lineup loaded with a ...

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