Mill City Nights

111 N. 5th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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  • Jim Norton on being a 'pervert,' pissing off Jesse Ventura
    12 days ago by Erica Rivera

    Comedian Jim Norton loves to hate the underbelly of American culture. Whether it’s jokes about beheadings, school shootings, or hookers, he’s offended audiences around the country with his vulgar brand of standup. Norton, who grew u...

  • Electric Wizard
    6 months ago by Michael Madden

    Dorset, England's Electric Wizard has stayed at the top of the doom-metal genre for 20 years by reliably delivering an impenetrably heavy sound that makes their cohorts sound miniscule by comparison. The group is led by Jus Oborn's ...

  • Earl Sweatshirt Solidified His Cult of Personality at Mill City Nights
    6 months ago by Jerard Fagerberg

    Earl Sweatshirt Mill City Nights, MinneapolisFriday, March 27, 2015 "I'm OK with being more self-centered now," Earl Sweatshirt told NPR's Microphone Check last week. "How ever important you treat yourself is how everyone's goi...

  • Earl Sweatshirt
    6 months ago by Jack Spencer

    Hoping to join the current wave of high-profile surprise album releases, Odd Future wunderkind Earl Sweatshirt was characteristically upset when his label released a video for drudging lead single "Grief" and a pre-order for his new...

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