Best Of


With his latest concept, Libertine, stalwart restaurateur Tim McKee has taken a cue from the likes of Jack Riebel and Isaac Becker, who found great success in updating the Midwestern steakhouse and making the mid-century chophouse all fresh and new. Take for instance a Vine-worthy “whiskey luge” (a shot of straight booze served from a hollowed-out beef bone) served to any of-age diners who order and finish their divine marrow on toast. Or see the steakhouse influence in the uber-tender onglet steak, which comes smothered in a compound butter made with roasted marrow and herbs. The rakish Libertine is not all about serving the carnivore; in fact, the majority of the cold plates and hot sides are totally vegetarian. Meanwhile, Libertine’s line-up of nearly two dozen tipples seems to favor the sweet and fruity side -- lots of rhubarb tonic, apricot sours, strawberry-balsamic syrup. And the brunch menu keeps up with the creative chophouse theme with dishes like salmon pastrami Benedict, a breakfast burger that takes its inspiration from diner-style steak and eggs, and a blue crab and avocado scramble. Fans of Cafeteria will be glad to know that, yes, there will still be Bloodies -- three varieties, to be exact -- and mimosas for rest of us.