Kabobs Restaurant

For those of you who insist the only way to get good Indian food in Minnesota is to get on a plane, please report to Kabobs to have all your illusions shattered. Why? For one, Kabobs actually specializes in something--the food is mostly Hyderabadi, with some northern Indian and Pakistani thrown into the mix, and all Halal. Be sure to try the samosas--fiery, sparrow-brown, shatteringly crisp pastries stuffed with, say, buttercup-yellow potatoes smoldering and roaring with spice, or beef sweet and potent as punches. The biryani is the best in town--each grain of rice is curly, fluffy, moist, and as separate from its brothers as potato chips in a bowl; you can get it topped with buttermilk marinated chicken, mutton, or goat. The "Chicken 65" is another must-order; here you get Hyderabad's answer to the buffalo wing: hot, hot, spicy, hot bits of boneless chicken that have all the appeal of a bucket of magic wishes. One caveat: This place is hardly a restaurant. To say that it has the ambience of an office closet is being charitable. So call ahead for takeout, and count your blessings: All the spice you crave, with none of the jet lag you hate!


Daily 11am-10pm


Indian, Middle Eastern


Lot Available