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Joan Of Art Gallery

It’s not easy to miss Joan of Art Gallery as you pass it on Franklin Avenue in the Seward neighborhood, with its asymmetrical architecture, its brightly colored walls, geometrically shaped windows and whimsical sculptures sprinkling the yard. After previously transforming a café in Wisconsin, Kimber Fiebiger, the gallery owner, bought the building in 2000, turning it into a gallery, home, and studio space. “It’s a lifestyle choice,” she says of living, working, and creating in an artistic building. She’s done everything from laying the floors and installing the tiles to making all the tables inside -- and it’s still a work in progress. “I think I kind of wing it,” she says of her ongoing process. “I want to make sure that I’m having fun.” Besides the unusual building, Joan of Art is a place where you can check out Fiebiger’s bronze sculptures: Humpty Dumpty’s, jesters, classical nudes and abstract works, as well as steel furniture designs. “I just make whatever hits my fancy,” she says.