Jawaahir Dance Studio Theater

3010 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Traditional and contemporary Middle-Eastern dance.

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  • Jawaahir Dance Company's 21st Annual Henna Party
    2 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    An annual celebration that has endured for 21 years, Jawaahir Dance Company's henna party features an afternoon of Middle Eastern dance and treats in Minnesota. The traditional women's party kicks off with a short performance from c...

  • Jawaahir Dance Company's 20th Annual Henna Party
    3 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    This Sunday, Jawaahir dance studio will open its door and invite folks to partake in a celebration of Middle Eastern arts. The party kicks off with a short performance from Jawaahir Dance Studio. Afterward, the dance floor will open...

  • Sparkle, Too: Gems from Jawaahir
    3 years ago by Linda Shapiro

    Jawaahir specializes in performances that sizzle. The rhythmically charged dancing and music honors a variety of Middle Eastern styles and traditions, with some contemporary touches. "Sparkle, Too: Gems from Jawaahir" offers a chanc...


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