Intermedia Arts

2822 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
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Intermedia Arts

Intermedia Arts

"Art changes everything," boasts the bold black and white graffiti on the side of Intermedia Arts. Art that stems from community has a home in Lyndale Avenue’s multidisciplinary and cross-cultural arts center. With a mission that focuses on empowering and catalyzing artists to make positive life choices and give back to their community, Intermedia has long provided a safe place for art and community to coexist. The center boasts a wide spectrum of programming that ranges from a comprehensive leadership program, to the nation’s longest-running LGBT literary series, to a media program that works with at-risk youth. Intermedia also hosts events of all kinds: open mics, digital media events, cultural events, and performing arts, just to name a few.

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