Interact Center for the Visual & Performing Arts

1860 Minnehaha Ave. W.
St. Paul, MN 55104

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  • Edgar Allen Poe meets The Nutcracker for Interact's latest
    3 months ago by Sheila Regan

    Edgar Allen Poe stories and poems set to music from the Nutcracker? Sure, why not. This weekend, Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts presents a new show that juxtaposes the work of one of America’s most famous writers, kn...

  • Plotholes: A Fool's Foibles
    9 months ago by Ed Huyck

    It's fools on parade in the latest company-created piece by Interact. Director Jon Ferguson (Theatre Forever) works with the group to explore the longstanding nature of "the fool" who, like the artists in Interact, were often disabl...

  • Interact artists on Honey Boo Boo: "They didn't really see what the big deal was."
    3 years ago by Sheila Regan

    According to co-director Taous Khazem, satire is the name of the game for Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts' new show, By the Seat of our Pants. The production features a series of parodies related to pop culture, and p...

  • Savage Umbrella and the artist 'Rapture'
    3 years ago by Sheila Regan

    This weekend, Savage Umbrella offers its take on the end of times with Rapture, two workshop readings presented Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts. But instead of true Christians ascending into the heavens to join Christ...


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