Gamut Gallery

717 S. 10th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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  • Gamut Gallery's first show in new space features Yuya Negishi
    3 months ago by Andrew Ellis

    For the people, by the people. That's the motto that Gamut Gallery is excited to continue as gallery director Jade Patrick and company get ready for the first show in their new space in the Elliot Park neighborhood. “Inclusiveness i...

  • Erin Sayer: The Tom Robbins Series
    9 months ago by Camille LeFevre

    Painter and muralist Erin Sayer, who also runs Cult Status Gallery, has long been intrigued by author Tom Robbins. He's a writer known for his imagery, which practically jumps off the page, fully formed, in the mind's eyes of reader...

  • REVOLUTION NOW: Portraits of Contemporary Female Revolutionaries
    11 months ago by Camille LeFevre

    Printmakers Ash Marlene Hane and Angela Sprunger have selected a baker's dozen of artists to create print works that feature a woman who – to them – represents revolution. The resulting exhibition of politicized portrait...

  • Raging Art On
    1 year ago by Jessica Armbruster

    Each weekend in December yields a variety of opportunities to check items off your shopping list while also supporting local businesses and artists. Things kick off this Friday with Raging Art On, a two-day celebration showcasing th...

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