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Fort Snelling Golf Course

Fort Snelling Golf Club is a nine-hole course located in St. Paul's historic Fort Snelling, which caters to average golfers looking to get in a quick nine. The course is easily accessible to both Minneapolis and St. Paul residents, and is located near the airport as well as the Mall of America for out-of-town visitors and tourists. The course itself, a par 35, is pretty uncomplicated, comprised of mostly par fours, with one testy par five and two delicate little par three's thrown in to test your mettle. The landscape is typically well-maintained, with plenty of views of the surrounding Fort Snelling park available at every turn. The amenities at the course are pretty basic, so come prepared with supplies and look elsewhere for food and beverage options. But as far as area nine-hole courses go, Fort Snelling provides a relaxed, leisurely layout that is perfect for both beginners and club pros looking to get in some quick holes.