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Emily Utne


  • Tue 8:30am-5pm, Wed 8:30am-8pm, Thu-Sat 8:30am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm
Michael Fitzgerald, the executive chef at Fika, the casual cafe in the new Nelson Cultural Center at the American Swedish Institute, is turning out dishes that are as precisely executed and beautifully presented as the restaurant's clean, spare décor. Fika is named after the Swede's traditional afternoon coffee-and-snack break. The Nordic dishes include salads (like a house-cured salmon with fingerling potato), delicious pureed soups, small plates, and open-faced, smorgasbord-style sandwiches. A gleaming deli case offers fika snacks both sweet and savory: quiche, pastries, cardamom rolls, and cookies, all tempting enough to make you want to start a fika tradition of your own.

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