Coup D'Etat

Gutsy is coming right out and naming your restaurant after a military term for revolution, a suggestion, perhaps, that the scene you've moved into needs some serious shaking up. Then again, Nick O’Leary and Tyler Shipton, the executive chefs and co-­owners of the sprawling, casually grand, loosely Italian Coup d'Etat eatery in Uptown, are pretty gutsy guys. They met years ago while working at the original Travail and then jumped ship to open their own place, the wildly successful Borough & Parlour in the North Loop. Their latest venture features food that is simpler, less erudite than what they serve at Borough, but the menu is still ambitious and the drinks are consistently top­-notch. From the hand­-made pastas, portioned­-to-­share dishes, the big and boisterous feel of the different dining areas, even down to the layout of the menu, Coup is unlike anything else in the Uptown dining scene.