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Corner Table

In its newest iteration, Corner Table ventures down South -- geographically, a few blocks down Nicollet to 46th, and in influence, further into the deep culinary traditions of the American South. Cradling Boemer’s signature crispy pork belly, for instance, is a tart and tangy chow chow, a pickled relish popular in the South, and the country fried rabbit served over a sweet potato waffle -- a brunch standout -- is a twist on the fried chicken and waffle craze. Brunch itself is new to Corner Table, and executed with a pro's grasp of the sweet-savory balance, as in the Doughnut Benedict, one of six Benedicts on the brunch menu, which combines molasses toffee glazed doughnuts, salty pork belly, and poached eggs. Corner Table does not have a liquor license, but the team has whipped up a few aperitif-based cocktails for brunch, including a Michelada, a savory bloody Mary-like drink made with Pilsener and the extremely tart and refreshing Rhubarb of the Moment made with rhubarb shrubs, a dry spring cava, and lemon peel. The new set-up also features two patio areas, elegant decor, and much improved acoustics by way of a cozy, tall-backed booths. e.