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Common Roots Cafe

Sure, coffee is a staple for those looking to get some work done fast. But for lower-key job duties or term papers, sometimes you just want a pint. When you want to do some less high-maintenance thinking, Common Roots Cafe fulfills those needs. A cute spot with community in mind, this place serves up pints of Surly Furious and Bender, as well as other organic and/or local beers -- or order some fair trade wine, if that's the way you roll. Also on the menu are tasty coffees and teas, sandwiches (try marinated tempeh with basil tofu spread if it's available), bagels, and other baked goods (some even vegan). Added bonus: When they can, Common Roots buyers purchase goods from local farmers. So sit back and enjoy the free WiFi-it's time to do some drinking and thinking.

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