Circa Gallery

210 N. First St.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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  • Winter Salon
    1 year ago by Camille LeFevre

    Circa Gallery is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a "Winter Salon" featuring work by 27 contemporary artists. Gretel Stephens's paintings on linen push blurs and blobs beyond the confines of surface, line, and edge. Ellen Richm...

  • Photographer Tucker Hollingsworth: "The act of making becomes an act of surrender"
    2 years ago by Nathan Young

    Minneapolis photographer Tucker Hollingsworth wants you to see everything at once.Hollingsworth, who remarkably has no formal studio education, spends his time traveling between residencies and exhibitions. Last year, one of his pri...

  • Ellen Richman, Stephen Taucher: State of Flux
    2 years ago by Camille LeFevre

    For awhile now, artist Ellen Richman has been creating abstract paintings that are followed and sought after by critics, collectors, and painting aficionados alike. While form, movement, and the natural world and its geometry have l...

  • Kenneth Steinbach at Circa Gallery
    2 years ago by Sheila Regan

    Kenneth Steinbach, whose work can currently be seen at the Circa Gallery, utilizes found objects to great effect, discovering their qualities and re-purposing them in fascinating ways. His pieces tend to have a political point of vi...


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