Best Of

Butcher & the Boar

Years after its much-anticipated opening, downtown meatery Butcher & the Boar remains one of the top spots for a business lunch, an impress-the-in-laws-dinner, or a bourbon-soaked late night snack. Though big bone-in pieces seem to get all the attention here -- think Texas-style smoked beef longrib, or a massive double cut pork chop with the Southern-tinged accompaniments of pecan, maple, and blueberries -- the charcuterie and sausages are not to be missed either. Chef Jack Riebel shows a major penchant for offal, turning turkey liver into incredibly rich and distinctive braunschweiger spread on house-made milk stout bread. But the sausage -- the sausage! It has such a following that they’ve started to package and sell it at Lund’s stores, but it’s worth dropping by the swanky, stately dining room to see what’s new. This month? Goose summer sausage with homemade cheddar cheese whiz.