Best Of

Borough & Parlour

Upstairs-downstairs is a phrase usually used to describe the disparate relationship between the haves and the have nots, but at the North Loop’s latest star, Borough & Parlour, it refers to the separate yet equally excellent experiences they offer to their patrons. Above ground, expect modestly portioned but impressively composed plates like hamachi crudo with compressed bits of Asian pear, yuzu vinaigrette, and razor-thin wheels of serrano chilies; twisted American classics like chicken-fried quail; and revel in straight-up refinement with flaky fluke, king crab, and trumpet mushrooms swimming in shellfish consomme. Below Borough is the modern speakeasy Parlour, serving spendy but completely worthwhile craft cocktails that involve everything from absinthe to egg whites, and the most unbelievably perfect cheeseburger.