Boneyard Kitchen & Bar

The old Old Chicago on Hennepin has been laid to rest and replaced by the Boneyard Kitchen & Bar, a Southern-themed restaurant owned by Kaskaid Hospitality Group, the same people who brought us big-budget, fit for the West End outfits like CRAVE, Figlio 2.0, and the 3-in-1 convertible spectacle of UNION in downtown Minneapolis. Boneyard’s concept is a study in rising restaurant trends: Over-the-top indulgences like chicken-fried ribs and bacon-wrapped duck meatloaf in sizeable portions; rustic “craft-inspired” decor (think Mason jar light fixtures, mismatched mirrors, hot sauce bottles in tin buckets, and servers clad in plaid pearl-button shirts); and a bar program centered around a single spirit, in this case, bourbon. Opt for the genuinely spicy fried chicken, flaky yet still moist biscuits, and a handful of well-executed, modern-spin cocktails, like their Bloody Mary made with bourbon or the New Orleans-style milk punch they call “The Remedy,” which puts a fine point on the phrase “nursing a hangover.”


Barbecue, Cajun, Southern