Best Of

Big Marina Grill and Deli

With locations in Columbia Heights (the Big Marina) and northeast Minneapolis (Marina Deli), this Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant offers major convenience as well as a lot of bang for your buck. Though others put forward a good effort, there’s still no better buffet in town. Three big counters provide myriad hot and cold options including: lamb shanks, the lightest and lemoniest tabbouleh salad, flavorful gyro meat, glossy stuffed grape leaves, spanikopita, and all kinds of flaky, phyllo-wrapped desserts. If for some reason the buffet doesn’t do it for you, Big Marina also has a regular menu with their take on a club sandwich, chicken fingers for the kids, amazingly generous platters of grilled kofta kebab with veggies and rice, and dynamite falafel. You’ll crave it all the time, yet one visit will elicit enough food to keep you full for days.