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Bangkok Thai Deli

Bangkok Thai Deli is nestled in an Asian mini-mart on University Avenue, which also hosts a small grocery store and several clothing boutiques. The restaurant is owned and operated by a family from Bangkok, Thailand, and has a cafeteria-like vibe. Popular menu items include the Shrimp Patty appetizer, Pad-Kee-Mow noodle dish, papaya salad, and Pa-Nang Curry. The Boat Noodle with Beef is a popular example of one of the noodle soups, which come in huge serving bowls. The spice levels here seem to operate on a different scale than any other Thai place in town, with "medium" coming in somewhere between "lip numbing" and "face scalding," so buyer beware. That does give credence, however, to the many who claim that Bangkok Thai offers the most authentic Thai food in the Twin Cities. It does about half its business as dine in, and half as takeout. Pick up all the ingredients you need to replicate your favorite Thai dishes in the adjacent supermarket.



Dining Features

Lunch, No Alcohol, Reservations Not Accepted, Takeout


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