Bang Brewing

There were no fireworks last year when Bang Brewing, with just one beer on tap, opened its signless brewery in St. Paul. The brewery's quiet and calm approach was every bit intentional, as the husband and wife team behind the business is focused on slowly and steadily growing their brewhouse. “We’re just going to take it down a notch and simplify,” says co-owner Sandy Boss Febbo. Bang now has four beers on tap, all of which, like their creators, are direct, focused, and modest. They sport four-letter names – Neat, Minn, Nice, Good – and take a traditional, ingredient-based approach. “We take fewer ingredients and try to get more out of them,” Jay Febbo says. Neat, for instance, is a single hop, single malt bitter with nothing to hide behind. Minn is a hoppy, mild ale with caramel notes; Good is a slightly sweet session ale with a biscuit malt flavor; and Nice is a light-bodied dark ale that the brewery infuses with coffee on Saturdays for an especially rich, roasted flavor. The duo don’t over market the beers, relying instead on returning customers, positive word of mouth, and collaboration with other breweries. The success has been slow and organic, as planned, and the space they have created is as one of a kind as its owners.