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Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studios have been teaching people all across the world how to dance for over 100 years, and they bring their expertise and experience in dance education to both their Minneapolis and St. Paul studios. Whether you want to get your moves right for your memorable first dance at your wedding reception, or you always wanted to know how to tango, Arthur Murray's studios can help you find enjoyment and proficiency in any step. Couples' lessons are available by appointment at both studios, but you don't need to have a partner to sign up. The friendly and talented dance experts at Arthur Murray are adept at teaching novices and old pros alike, with both classic dances and today's popular moves all taught with the helpful assistance of the dance instructors. They have many levels of instruction as well, from their basic introductory program all the way up to their Gold program for those interested in performance dancing -- designed to get dancers both young and old out there confidently having fun on the dance-floor.