All My Relations Gallery

1414 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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  • Two Spirit artists featured at All My Relations
    5 months ago by Sheila Regan

    When Graci Horne, the new gallery director for All My Relations Gallery, went to visit artist George Bettelyoun’s studio, she found one piece of art that she really liked. It was a colorful drawing of a face that had geometric divis...

  • "On Fertile Ground" puts spotlight on Native artists from the Midwest
    1 year ago by Sheila Regan

    All My Relations Gallery sets out to showcase the wealth of talent coming from American Indian artists living in Minnesota and our neighboring states with a new exhibition called "On Fertile Ground: Native Artists in the Upper Midwe...

  • We Wait in Darkness
    1 year ago by Sheila Regan

    Choreographer Rosy Simas has been delving into the oral histories of her family's past as research for her current project. "We Wait in Darkness" is a multimedia performance installation inspired by the lives of the Seneca women in ...

  • Rosy Simas digs into her roots for "We Wait in Darkness"
    1 year ago by Sheila Regan

    "We Wait in Darkness," a new work by choreographer Rosy Simas, started when she was stuck in bed for three weeks. Finding herself with a lot of time on her hands, she ended up doing an in-depth genealogy study on her family and the ...

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