Hey look: Surly just redesigned its logo, cans


WOW! Provided

Since launching in 2005, Surly Brewing Co. has maintained the same logo: surly-looking beerless man up top, cheerful beer-having man down low, blocky brand name smack-dab in the middle. 

That's about to change, as will the can designs on the Minneapolis brewery's roster of beers. Surly's new-look packaging went into production Friday, PR Tiffany Jackson tells the Strib, and the rollout should go public in January. 

The logo switch is visible above; let's take a good look at them cans below: 

What do you think of Surly's aesthetic rebrand? Does it cause joy to wash over you, like so many waves of Furious? Do you hate it? Have you somehow read this far, yet have no opinion at all? Tell us loudly in the comments! 

Alright, enjoy your weekend; knock back some soon-to-be-classic Surlys.