Enormous, free ice cream social coming to Nicollet Mall tomorrow

This could be you, and that could be your Moose Tracks

This could be you, and that could be your Moose Tracks Courtesy 10,000 Scoop Challenge

You may have noticed it’s been hot lately – really hot. Many of us have begun to wilt as our precious lakes have mounted simultaneous ill-timed rebellions. Just in time to keep the Cities from withering entirely, the folks behind Kemps' Moose Tracks Ice Cream will be swooping into Nicollet Mall to host one of the biggest ice cream socials Minneapolis has ever seen. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 17, these dairy-weidling heroes will helm something they call the 10,000 Scoop Challenge, in which they hand out free ice cream to soothe our melting souls. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., a veritable ton of ice cream will be distributed as much to cool us off as to unite the city for a worthy cause.

For each frozen globe of goodness we put in our beaming (sweaty) faces, Moose Tracks will donate a dollar to vital programming for the Salvation Army. In simpler terms, each ice cream scoop served equals a dollar given to charity. The event's goal is to raise $10k in a mere four hours—hence the name "10,000 Scoop Challenge." A cadre of surprise local celebrity scoopers will sling Moose Tracks alongside volunteers from the Salvation Army and Kemps, finding out how long their delicate wrists can take the heat as they serve us in the name of do-gooding. 

10,000 scoops of free ice cream (for a cause!) await you

10,000 scoops of free ice cream (for a cause!) await you Courtesy 10,000 Scoop Challenge

All you, dear reader, need do to participate is show up and scream (or, ideally, wait in line politely) for ice cream. Maybe pass that time in queue getting to know your neighbors. Perhaps you could jointly speculate about some of life’s sillier questions, brought to the foreground by such a large ice cream-centric event: 

  • How do they keep that much ice cream cold in the middle of July?
  • How many people are experiencing brain freeze at this exact moment?
  • Is Target experiencing a run on Lactaid? 

10,000 Scoop Challenge
Nicollet Mall (b
etween 7th and 8th Streets)
Wednesday, July 17
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.