Watch a 'pro-Trump' Republican's wacky colonoscopy ad [VIDEO]

Noel Collis is running for Congress, but first is going to make a quick stop in this man's colon.

Noel Collis is running for Congress, but first is going to make a quick stop in this man's colon. YouTube

As of Friday morning, this political ad for the Noel Collis for Congress campaign has been watched 760-some times on YouTube. 

Five of those were by this author. This video merits repeat viewings.

Collis is one of five Republican candidates running in the 7th Congressional District primary, where former state Sen. (and would-be member of a Republican "Squad") Michelle Fischbach is the GOP-endorsed candidate to challenge DFL U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson.

If you've heard of Collis, it might be because you live in the massive western Minnesota district, and have been getting his phone calls. This week, the Republican Party of Minnesota complained to the Minnesota Attorney General's office, saying "numerous Republican voters" had been on the receiving end of robo-calls from Collis's campaign. 

In a response from its legal counsel, the Collis campaign says it merely "utilizes a server-to-server connection to transfer a pre-recorded message directly into a recipient's voicemail box without making a call to avoid a phone from ringing." 


Fischbach's toughest challenger is clearly Dave Hughes, the Air Force veteran who ran and lost against Peterson in 2016 and 2018. For evidence, look no further than what happened to Fischbach's former press secretary Sam Winter, who resigned after allegedly jamming Hughes's home phone line with 300-plus calls in April. 

But her wackiest challenger is clearly Noel Collis, a "lifelong Minnesotan" and practicing gastroenterologist. On his (beautiful) campaign website, photos reveal Collis is just as comfortable holding a rifle as he is leaning on farm equipment and looking off into the distance.

On postings there, Collis has expressed his "musings" on everything from the bald eagle--("a majestic symbol that soars above all—and is free") to Kanye West ("his message is one that popular culture needs to hear") to having a dog ("a wonderful, faithful, and loyal companion.")

The real bright spot of the Collis campaign, however, is its advertising. A page for "TV & Radio" ads features six video spots supporting Collis, three of which come with a description explaining (warning?) that they use humor. 

We now invite you to watch the "hillarious not so subtle" ad referenced above.

We're positive Noel's not qualified to be in Congress, we cannot endorse his grasp of humor, and given his description that a colonoscopy of Congress would "clean them out," we're a little worried about what's happening at his clinic.

Frankly, he should've made his whole campaign about how great dogs are.