Report: Mankato woman without mask denied entry at Menards, slaps employee

One recent would-be customer did not take kindly to the mask requirement at Menards.

One recent would-be customer did not take kindly to the mask requirement at Menards. Google

As of 5:00 p.m. today, anyone in an indoor public place in Minneapolis must be wearing a mask, per city order issued last week.

Those without could receive a letter of warning or a misdemeanor charge, while businesses not enforcing the mask rule could receive a citation.

Throughout the rest of the state, masks are encouraged by Gov. Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health, but not required. The rules are up to building owners and businesses. How they're received is up to customers.

According to a spokesperson with the Mankato Police Department, a customer walking into a Menards in that town on Sunday, May 17, was stopped near the door by an employee. The store’s policy these days is requiring masks inside to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The customer, allegedly, was maskless, and so was asked to leave. They did, though not before slapping the employee in the face.

Police didn’t hear about this incident until Wednesday, when it was finally reported. The department spokesman says cops have surveillance video of what happened, and that a suspect has been identified. Police have yet to make contact with the suspect.

This would be one of numerous attacks on retail workers since the start of the pandemic. After being beaten up by a customer, a California retail worker named Samantha Clark started a Facebook group just for retail workers who had been hit or mistreated by customers in the time of COVID-19.

Stories from the page reportedly include a Massachusetts Walmart worker who got sprayed in the face with Lysol, and a Los Angeles Target employee whose arm was broken by two men who didn’t want to wear masks.

In rare cases, things have turned from merely violent to tragic. In Michigan, according to a statement from police, a Family Dollar security guard was shot in the back of the head and killed after turning away a group of shoppers.