Megan Martin shoots for Cottage Grove's Worst Daycare Provider Award

Police arrived to find Martin drunk and her house decorated with cat feces.

Police arrived to find Martin drunk and her house decorated with cat feces. lmross3

The Cottage Grove Police Department received a tip that a woman was running an unlicensed daycare in the St. Paul suburb. A check with found one “Megan M” offering childcare services. The cops obtained a search warrant.

When they arrived at the Granada Avenue home, they were greeted by 25-year-old Megan Martin, accompanied by the distinct scent of alcohol, which is generally not recommended in a daycare setting.

Inside, they found 12 young children, three of whom were strapped to car seats with blankets over their heads. There were open drawers providing easy access to knives, booze, and chemicals. Martin also neglected to have functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. At least she had the courtesy to decorate the place with cat feces, according to police.

All told, the cops found 17 violations of standard daycare procedure.

Martin admitted she'd been running her center for five years, and had purposefully blown off getting a license. She further confessed to leaving the kids alone as she showered and did other personal tasks.

And when police gave her a breathalyzer, she registered an impressive .12%, which would legally leave her too drunk to drive, and probably much too drunk to adequately care for a dozen small kids.

Martin was charged with child neglect and operating without a license. The Washington County Attorney's office also got a restraining order preventing her from reopening, and is suing to make that order permanent.