Drunk man flees cops at 90 mph with 10-year-old son riding shotgun

Weirdly enough, repeatedly giving troopers the finger did not get Ross Olsen out of this jam.

Weirdly enough, repeatedly giving troopers the finger did not get Ross Olsen out of this jam. Minnesota State Patrol

The state of Minnesota does not hold Ross Ronald Olsen's driving skills in high regard. He had DUI busts in 2011 and 2015, and his license was canceled as a threat to public safety.

So when a trooper saw him blow through a red light at 53 mph in Brainerd, he pulled in behind Olsen and flashed his lights.

Let it not be said that Ross Olsen goes down without a fight. Instead of pulling over, the 54-year-old Backus man could be seen through the rearview mirror shaking his head and giving the officer the finger.

Olsen sped up, passing cars and pushing his speed to 90 mph. At one point he slowed to foil the trooper's stop technique. But he couldn't halt a second maneuver. Olsen's car went off the road and rolled on its side.

According to police, Olsen emerged from the vehicle as if prepared to go mano a mano with the officer, then decided to bolt instead. He was dropped with a stun gun and handcuffed.

That's when Olsen's 10-year-old son climbed from the car. He'd been wearing a seatbelt and was unharmed.

His father wasn't – at least in the legal sense. Both Olsen and his car smelled of alcohol, and police found unopened beers and a plastic cup and ice cubes that appeared to have previously housed an adult beverage. Olsen refused to take a breath test.

When officers explained they could get a warrant for blood or urine samples, and that to refuse was a crime in itself, Olsen showed little diplomacy, cussing, threatening, and continuing to give the troopers the finger.

Strangely enough, his protestations failed to work. He was charged with fleeing police, child neglect, driving hammered, refusing to take a breath test, and fleeing police again by attempting to run.