Cheer up! Only 3 of this week's 6 best new songs are about depression.

Megan Thee Stallion, Jacob Powell

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Miss going out to see live music? Well, I’ve got great news for ya: They’ve learned to record music. Here are six recent examples of recorded music that I think you’ll enjoy. Or at least that I think I enjoy.

Becky Warren – “Good Luck (You’re Gonna Need It)”

Nothing like a straightforward upbeat rocker about your depression immersing you in self-loathing to—well, maybe not quite kick away the blues, but at least make them bearable. This document of feeling like “a smudge on the moon” or “a pile of burned out wires and mistold jokes” comes from Warren’s third album, The Sick Season, due out next week, which I hope is as sharp as her first two albums. 

Julia Jacklin – “CRY”

Speaking of depression, here’s a song about seeking a private place to burst out in tears from the Australian songwriter whose Crushing was a highlight of 2019, its waltzy ‘50s slow-dance feel giving the track a gentle, gauzy sway.

Megan Thee Stallion (feat. Young Thug) – “Don’t Stop”

Meg is as eloquently filthy as ever, tongue-twisting her sexual prerogatives as she teams up with the equally colorful Thugger. In the past week, she also established her activist bona fides, speaking out for Black women and herself in a New York Times editorial and during SNL. And that is real hot girl shit.

Cloud Nothings – “Am I Something”

Dylan Baldi is a real Hüskery düde, pitching headfirst into an identity crisis over hectic hardcore drumming and prickly guitars, his voice accruing pained shreddedness over time. And that, my friends, is not nothing.

Jacob Powell – “System”

Pop-country for Strokes fans? That’s overstating it maybe. The riff and rhythm that kick Powell's latest into motion have goaded me into making the comparison regardless, though maybe it's more Urban Cowboy gone slightly new wave.

Carly Pearce – “Next Girl”

A message from one woman to another about a hot guy who's charming but sucks, with a great little rhythmic breakdown to spice things up. Hey Carly Pearce's ex! Stop giving us hot guys like me a bad name!

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