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the Twin Cities

Best Permanent Collection Piece

The Bell Museum's Woolly Mammoth

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Kids and adults alike will feel the same potent, breathless mixture of fear and awe when they round a corner in St. Paul’s Bell Museum and come face-to-trunk with an 11-foot-tall woolly mammoth. The massive model has been posed before a gigantic wall of ice, looming over those who enter, brandishing tusks beyond compare to any living animal. In a world largely under the control of people, it’s almost refreshing to experience a bit of the unmoored feeling our Ice Age ancestors may have felt when confronted with a creature much more powerful than ourselves.

Best Museum (2015) Bell Museum of Natural History

Best Planetarium (2013) ExploraDome (Bell Museum)

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Best Play Guthrie's West Side Story

Best Director Wendy Knox

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Best Choreographer Alanna Morris-Van Tassel

Best Dance Performance ICON SAM: Temple Dances

Best Movie Theater Lagoon Cinema

Best Standup Comic Rana May

Best Open Mic (Comedy) Red Menace at Erik the Red

Best Comedy Club Acme Comedy Co.

Best Comedy Podcast I Love You, Mana

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Best Book (Fiction) 'Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories' by Kelly Barnhill

Best Book (Nonfiction) 'The Infamous Harry Hayward' by Shawn Francis Peters

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