Terminal Times writers host comedy showcase and hot dog dinner this Friday

From left: Terminal Times founders Max Chapman, Jacob Nuckolls, Charlie Settles

From left: Terminal Times founders Max Chapman, Jacob Nuckolls, Charlie Settles Image provided

For the past six months, Minneapolis-based satire news site The Terminal Times has lampooned the latest local and national news. Each day founders Charlie Settles, Max Chapman, and Jacob Nuckolls, along with a rotating cast of local comedians and writers, churn out insane, hilarious, and, occasionally, super gross headlines and stories. 

A few examples: Residents Agree: Burnt Minneapolis “Still Better Than St. Paul”, Couple Lost in Cheesecake Factory Menu Found After 2 Months, “Sexiest Year Yet!” Says Local Masochist

This week, Settles, along with comedians Alex Avery, Kelly Berger, James Thompson, and Corey Nelson, take the jokes out of the headlines and to the stage with a comedy showcase and hotdog dinner (yep) at the publication’s namesake.

“Max and I are Terminal Bar guys,” Settles explains, referencing the Terminal Bar’s regular Thursday night open mic. “It’s where we perform the most, so it made sense to create an affiliation.”

Settles says the idea for The Terminal Times started back in March, when there were essentially no real options to perform live comedy. 

“A week or two after all of the comedy venues and open mics closed we had nothing to do and were going crazy with no comedy,” he says. “I’d had the idea to do this for a while, and I had been writing headlines and articles for a while and had nowhere to put them. When COVID happened, it just felt like the right time to get it going.”

Whether it’s based on local current events (Mayor Frey Shows Off Sweet New Fidget Spinner At Police Reform Press Conference), national headlines (“It’s Me And Michelle” Announces Biden), or just whatever weird ideas the writers cook up (Local Man Finishes Bucket List Way Too Early), Settles explains that there is no standard for what makes a good Terminal Times story. 

“If it’s funny, it’s funny,” he says. “We’re all from Minneapolis, but the stories don’t have to be local. Whatever is funny to us, we’ll write about.” 

The publication pushes out new content daily, though Settles says that his focus has begun to shift back to performing. 

“Now that comedy is back, we’re trying to do more mics and still keep up with [writing for the site].”

The showcase at Terminal Bar this Friday is allowing him to bring together his two loves – standup and comedy writing – along with a hot dog dinner. Probably. 

“I’m not sure that’s even allowed,” he says of the potential for free flowing meat in a COVID-era comedy show. “When I first heard it, it sounded like a joke. But it’s so Terminal. It just matches the room.” 


Terminal Comedy Showcase
With Alex Avery, Charlie Settles, James Thompson, Corey Nelson, and Kelly Berger
Friday, Sept. 25
Hot dog dinner starts at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m.
$5 cover
Click here for more details