Bloodtime presents 'Teenage Elixir' at Tarnish & Gold Gallery

Local mixed-media artists Jesse Draxler and Justin James Sehorn work together on very Dada-esque art. They create bright collages of women with newsprint hair; they bespatter bold patterns with scraps of wallpaper, abstract shapes, and stenciled numbers. It's all very hard to ignore. Draxler and Sehorn collaborate under the name Bloodtime, and they are throwing a party to announce their upcoming art show, "Teenage Elixir."


Draxler and Sehorn are sharing wall space at Tarnish & Gold Gallery with several local artists who share a similar esthetic of bold, modernist art. Whether it's Joshua Norton's simple, '60s-style monster head illustrations or James Penfield's animal images which first appear to be abstract swaths of paint, there will be plenty of art to keep you agog. Other featured artists include Garrett Perry, Chris Park, Nick Howard, and Mark Vomit. The party will include audio artists Elite Gymnastics, Dad Trash Collage, and Malcolm Alchemy.

"Teenage Elixir" will be this Saturday, January 8 at Tarnish & Gold Gallery at 1511 Marshall Street in Northeast Minneapolis. The party starts at 7 p.m. and runs until midnight. The cover is $5 cover, or free before 8 p.m.