In Search of Asia

The Legend of Chao Fa

A new festival of 30 films delves into the lives and issues of Asians and Asian Americans. The festival leads off with The Girl in Yellow Boots, a searing story about a young English woman who travels to India in search of her long-lost father, only to be trapped in the sordid underworld of violence, drugs, and the sex trade in Mumbai. This favorite from the Toronto and Venice film fests will be presented by the director, Anurag Kashyap. Other films on the roster: City of Life and Death tells the fictionalized stories of civilians and soldiers caught up in the horrific events surrounding the 1937 "Rape of Nanking," when the Japanese captured the Chinese city and brutalized its citizens. The Red Chapel is a Sundance prize-winning documentary by two Korean-born Danish performers who were able to enter North Korea and witness firsthand the lives of people under the oppressive government regime. In Brand New Life, a girl abandoned by her father tries to cope with life inside a South Korean orphanage as she and a friend wait for adoption. Crazy Racer is a black comedy and thriller about the lives of deliverymen, traffic cops, gangsters, and lonely, beautiful women that become entangled in China. Visit for more information on films and show times.

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