I Love You Phillip Morris

Roadside Attractions

It's taken almost two years for the bonkers, exhilarating same-sex romantic comedy I Love You Phillip Morris to finally reach theaters. Nothing tops ILYPM's Jim Carrey as a top, sweatily ass-plowing a muscle-daddy in the most gloriously raunchy moment in the an(n)als of Hollywood A-listers doing gay-for-pay. Making their directorial debut, the screenwriting team Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Bad Santa) adapt Steve McVicker's 2003 book about the real-life adventures of con man Steven Russell (Carrey), who once maintained a highly hetero, upright life as a Virginia Beach cop. But after a near-fatal car crash while driving home from the aforementioned d.l. cornholing, Steven storms out of the closet. Upscale lavender lifestyles come with steep price tags, however, leading Steven to credit-card and insurance fraud—and to prison in Texas, where he meets the diabetic love of his life, Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). Steven vows to take care of Phillip, a lover's promise that leads only to more spectacular crimes. That Steven is both a diehard romantic and a sociopath gives the filmmakers rich opportunities to tweak sodomite stereotypes. Ficarra and Requa reveal a welcome casualness about Steven and Phillip's lust both behind bars and outside of them, placing the couple in the tradition of eternally devoted criminal lovers. And Carrey gives the best performance of his career. ILYPM is the perfect outlet for his manic energy: His id and libido are finally fused.

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