2016-11-01 20:00:00
8:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. every Tue.

Location Info:

Acadia Cafe
329 S. Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis, MN  55454
So, trivia is not your strength, bingo takes too much concentration, and poetry slams are just too much work. What about video games? For those who spent entire summers indoors fighting Trevelyan on a platform in the jungle or college evenings speeding along Rainbow Road instead of studying, this weekly event is for you. Acadia 64 revisits the classics of the N64 gaming system, including racing games like Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing, first-person shooters like GoldenEye 007, sports games like Mario Tennis, and button-mashers like Super Smash Brothers. While shiny new versions of these games come out with every new Nintendo system, there's something special about playing a game on the original system it was offered on (or, at least the first system you played it on). Bring friends, or meet some new ones while competing. Drink specials each week during the happening include $5 Red Bull drinks and $4 Tallgrass 8-Bits, or go for $1 off all cask ales. All ages.
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