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  • Aster Cafe

    Aster Cafe

    125 SE Main St. Minneapolis, MN 55414
    612-379-3138 St. Anthony Main's Aster Café is located in what is arguably the most beautiful and picturesque slice of Minneapolis. The space features an extensive and quirky beer and wine list, simple but highly intelligent (and very local) breakfast, dinner, and dessert menus, specialty tea-infused cocktails, and an ambiance that is at once cozy and relaxed. Whether you're sitting at one of the copper-topped tables, at the hand-crafted wooden bar, or on the expansive outdoor patio, you've got the delightful view of the river against the backdrop of downtown. If you're around in the evening, things get very intimate as the lights are lowered and the stage is lit up for live music. More >>

  • Clockwork

    1501 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55414

  • Ground Zero

    Ground Zero

    15 4th St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55414

    Ground Zero is a centrally located bar with an authentic underground, industrial and stylish character. Don't be surprised to see the space decorated with chain-linked fences, street signs, stone statues and skeletons, as it adds to the subversive atmosphere created by the dominatrix cage-style dancers and low, colored lighting. It offers a very large dance floor, two levels, two bars, and several themed nights, including the long-running Bondage-A-Go-Go. More >>

  • Honey


    205 E. Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55414
    612-746-0306 Sitting between Ginger Hop and Kramarczuk's, this inconspicuous basement-level lounge is marked only by the honey bee on its door and windows. It makes for a nice late-night stop, featuring unique cocktails, small plates, desserts, and chocolates. The space has been transformed from what once had to be a dingy storage area into a hip, chic, and surprisingly beautiful venue. Honey is not without its raw walls and old concrete, but it makes up for it with plush couches, luxurious yellow lighting, and a notable low-hanging chandelier centerpiece. You can stop by almost any night of the week to catch some live music or a dance-worthy DJ set. More >>

  • Joe Schmit's Hangout

    15 SE Main St. Minneapolis, MN 55414

    Occasional live music. More >>

  • Kitty Cat Klub

    Kitty Cat Klub

    315 14th Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414
    612-331-9800 A cabaret/lounge/bar with some of the most lavish and eclectic decor in Dinkytown, this campus hangout is fancy without being snooty. With regular live music, lots of casually comfortable seating and a well-stocked bar, this is a good place to get away from the chaos and hassle of the downtown meat-market scene. More >>

  • Mattie's on Main

    43 Main St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414

  • Profile Music Center

    2630 University Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414
    612-378-2200 (ext. 10)

  • Ted Mann Concert Hall

    Ted Mann Concert Hall

    2128 4th St. S. Minneapolis, MN 55455

  • Terminal Bar

    Terminal Bar

    409 E. Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55414
    612-623-4545 While it shares a name and a certain vintage blue-collar grit with a bar from Martin Scorsese's misadventures-in-SoHo film After Hours, it's nowhere near as despairing -- probably because its atmosphere is infused with a rock-club vibe that lets bar bands cut loose on the regular. More >>

  • University Of Minnesota Cala Auditorium

    89 Church St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55455

  • University of Minnesota Parking Lot 37

    1811 5th St SE Minneapolis, MN 55455

  • Whole Music Club

    Whole Music Club

    300 Washington Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55455
    612-625-2272 Nestled in the basement of Coffman Union, this coffeehouse turned music venue has been a fixture on the U of M's campus since the hippie days. There's no such thing as an expensive show here -- typical cover charge is $5 or less -- and it's a great place for students to see bands that usually gig at 21+ venues. The Whole also hosts the insightful "Making Music" lecture/performance series, where fans can find out what makes their favorite local bands tick. More >>