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  • Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

    Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

    810 W. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55408
    612-825-3737 Let's play free association. Theater....steaming pots of java. Bowling shoes....petite syrah. Neighborhood bar....exquisite beer list. Clearly you've been hanging around the Bryant-Lake Bowl, where a certain sort of perfect life has been achieved, a life where a love of the vine and a fascination with mastering the 7-10 split exist in beautiful harmony. Meals are reliable, hipster-diner fare: salads, pasta, fruit, cheese, sandwiches, burritos, and breakfast. Even if you're not much of an athlete, the Forties decor and unpushy service make this a swell place to while away the afternoon. More >>

  • Intermedia Arts

    Intermedia Arts

    2822 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55408
    612-871-4444 "Art changes everything," boasts the bold black and white graffiti on the side of Intermedia Arts. Art that stems from community has a home in Lyndale Avenue’s multidisciplinary and cross-cultural arts center. With a mission that focuses on empowering and catalyzing artists to make positive life choices and give back to their community, Intermedia has long provided a safe place for art and community to coexist. The center boasts a wide spectrum of programming that ranges from a comprehensive leadership program, to the nation’s longest-running LGBT literary series, to a media program that works with at-risk youth. Intermedia also hosts events of all kinds: open mics, digital media events, cultural events, and performing arts, just to name a few. More >>

  • Landmark Lagoon Cinema

    Landmark Lagoon Cinema

    1320 Lagoon Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55408
    612-825-6006 This five-screen theater is located in the heart of Uptown in Minneapolis. Amenities include wheelchair-accessible seating, hearing-assisted audio, and theater rentals. More >>

  • Landmark Uptown Theatre

    Landmark Uptown Theatre

    2906 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55408
    612-825-6006 This one-screen theater is located along Hennepin Avenue in the heart of Uptown, Minneapolis. Amenities include a lounge with full alcohol service, gourmet food, and sofa seating in the balcony. More >>

  • Uptown Theatre

    Uptown Theatre

    2906 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55408