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Station 4

Station 4

Station 4 boasts a convenient location, friendly bar staff, an unostentatious neighborhood-bar atmosphere and a stage area that accommodates metal's loudness well.
Clubhouse Jager

Clubhouse Jager

This immaculately-restored Germanic-style pub with its popular outdoor patio is a sort of trendy end-cap of the Warehouse district's nightlife, foregoing a TV-assault atmosphere of noise for a relatively low-key atmosphere.
Whole Music Club

Whole Music Club

Nestled in the basement of Coffman Union, the Whole has been a fixture on the U of M's campus since the hippie days. There's no such thing as an expensive show here -- typical cover charge is $5 or less.

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  • Alary

    Alary's Bar

    139 E. 7th St. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-224-7717 Alary's reputation as a "cop bar" notwithstanding, this downtown St. Paul institution with the amazing art deco facade and more flatscreens than Best Buy is a great destination for any kind of crowd. Gameday shuttles to and from the Xcel cater to Wild fans and tournament-goers, and if you're looking for somewhere to cheer for Da Bears without being set upon by a purple-clad horde, you've got a home away from home. Read more about Alary's Bar >>

  • Amsterdam


    6 W. 6th St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    612-285-3112 Don't let the downtown St. Paul location throw you: having spotted a gap in the area's live music department, Amsterdam has jumped into it feet-first. A destination bar with a focus on live music and DJs, this venue from the same Oulman-family braintrust that gave Nordeast the 331 has a modern, open-floor layout with a well-balanced distribution between booths, bar seating and dancefloor space. Eclectic bar food with a Netherlands twist complements a wide bar selection. Read more about Amsterdam >>

  • Barrio Tequila Bar

    Barrio Tequila Bar

    235 E. 6th St. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-222-3250 Following the success of their initial Nicollet Mall location, Barrio's Lowertown location offers more of the same -- and good thing, too. Delicious margaritas, excellent Mexican fare and a remarkably expansive selection of tequila echo the Minneapolis spot, but the wide-open atmosphere and gorgeous Mears Park view give the St. Paul incarnation a personality of its own. Read more about Barrio Tequila Bar >>

  • Bin Wine Bar

    Bin Wine Bar

    400 Sibley St. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-224-9463 Bin is one of many bars bordering St. Paul's beautiful Mears Park, and it's carved out its own unique niche, doing for the vino what Lowertown neighbors Barrio and the Bulldog have done for tequila and beer respectively. A wide variety of cheese selections, light fare and beers complement a connoisseur's selection of red and white wines. Read more about Bin Wine Bar >>

  • Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar

    Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar

    308 Prince St. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-228-9274 Located across the street from the farmer's market in hoppin' Lowertown, Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar's warehouse space is bright and airy, with a high ceiling and lots of light. In a neighborhood infused with the arts, the Black Dog follows suit with walls covered in works by local artists. It also hosts poetry readings and throws a killer block party. An ideal urban coffeehouse featuring locally roasted blends, this is also a nice lunch destination with sandwiches, soups, salads, and pizzas focusing on local produce. Black Dog has a fine happy hour (daily 4-7 p.m.) with a good beer selection and lovely wine list. Try one of the pizzas with fresh basil and three toppings for $11.95. Sidewalk seating in the summertime. Read more about Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar >>

  • The Bulldog Lowertown

    The Bulldog Lowertown

    237 E. 6th St. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-221-0750 The TVs, dartboards and shuffleboard table might say "sports bar", but the subtle decor and wide-open atmosphere makes the Lowertown location of this Twin Cities institution one of the neighborhood's most attractive nightlife destinations for residents and visitors alike. Besides, your typical sports bar doesn't boast the connoisseur-caliber beer selection and above-average food that the Bulldog offers. Read more about The Bulldog Lowertown >>

  • Camp Bar Twin Cities

    Camp Bar Twin Cities

    490 N. Robert St. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-292-1844 A relaxed atmosphere and a subtle self-awareness help this quietly popular St. Paul gay bar stand out. Flatscreens, artsy decor and comfortable couches give it an accessibly upscale atmosphere. Read more about Camp Bar Twin Cities >>

  • Cork

    Cork's Irish Pub

    175 10th St. E. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-224-5111 Cork's Irish Pub is tucked away on the outer fringes of downtown St. Paul, but its comparatively off-the-path location doesn't keep this cheerfully decorated, old-timey bar (complete with penny-farthing bicycle) from being lively on a weeknight. And while its proximity to the Embassy Suites hotel may be a factor, there's still plenty to attract the locals, from music and trivia nights to a Sunday afternoon build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. Read more about Cork's Irish Pub >>

  • Glockenspiel


    605 W. 7th St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-292-9421 Glockenspiel is St. Paul"s counterpart to the Black Forest Inn, a family-owned restaurant serving traditional German favorites like schnitzel stroganoff, sauerbraten, and wursts. As delightful as a cuckoo clock, this restaurant is filled with tchotchkes-nutcrackers, hand-painted plates and ceiling tins, beer steins, and beer barrels that create a homey atmosphere. You can also drink beer out of a giant glass boot, charmingly called "das boot," so how can you go wrong? The atmosphere is joyful and boisterous, especially on weekends, when you might be serenaded by a lederhosen-clad accordionist, tuba player, or yodeler. Read more about Glockenspiel >>

  • Gopher Bar

    Gopher Bar

    241 7th St. E. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-291-9638 The Gopher Bar has been a part of the Saint Paul landscape for almost 70 years. The bar claims to serve the best Coney Island dog in the city, and its incredibly causal ambiance creates a welcoming environment for any Minnesota sports fan to pound a few brews and watch the game. Be sure to bring some folding money because this bar is cash only. Read more about Gopher Bar >>

  • The Grand 7

    The Grand 7

    315 W. 7th St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-222-6104 The Grand 7 -- named for the intersection its corner entry sits on -- retains much of the divey charm of the space's old days. (One example: a gigantic sign behind the bar states, in no uncertain terms, that the staff "reserve the right to refuse service to f---ing idiots.") But thanks to its proximity to the Xcel Center, it does attract a large crowd for hockey and other sporting events, and its Wild-friendly decor and flatscreen TVs make it an even split between sports bar and local watering hole. Read more about The Grand 7 >>

  • Great Waters Brewing Company

    Great Waters Brewing Company

    426 St. Peter St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-224-2739 This downtown pub, popular with the arena and business sets alike, boasts a long list of site-brewed craft beers. You can imbibe inside the vintage building's friendly confines or out on the breezy patio -- or even take home your own 64-ounce "growler" jug of their latest concoction. The menu is rounded out by a wide selection ranging from bar-food appetizers to gourmand entrees. Read more about Great Waters Brewing Company >>

  • The Happy Gnome

    The Happy Gnome

    498 Selby Ave. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-287-2018 St. Paul beer connoisseurs flock to this Cathedral Hill stalwart, known for updating its tap beer menu daily. Scotch and whiskey drinkers can also get their fix, as the Happy Gnome features more than 300 of them. Housed in a former fire station, the bar features ample rail space and cozy booths that run along tall windows overlooking Selby Avenue. Read more about The Happy Gnome >>

  • Hat Trick Lounge

    Hat Trick Lounge

    134 E. 5th St. St. Paul, MN 55101
    651-228-1347 A neighborhood bar back when such a thing was an anomaly in downtown St. Paul, the Hat Trick Lounge caters to a clientele that's more local and blue-collar than the suit-and-tie or hockey jersey crowds that frequent the area's other establishments. A wide variety of bands -- rock, R&B, jazz, country and surf, among others -- play every Friday and Saturday night. Read more about Hat Trick Lounge >>

  • Joe & Stan's Bar

    949 7th St. W. St Paul, MN 55102-3501

  • Keenan

    Keenan's Six Twenty Club

    620 W. 7th St. St. Paul, MN 55102

    This West 7th institution is one of those rare but essential blue-collar neighborhood bars that seems to come from another time without necessarily being frozen in it. Sure, there's more flatscreen TVs and kitchen offerings than your typical vintage dive, but the simple decor and working-class clientele makes it one of those unpretentious places where the real charisma comes from the staff and patrons. Read more about Keenan's Six Twenty Club >>

  • Kelly

    Kelly's Depot

    241 E. Kellogg St. Paul, MN 55101

    This old-school bar has long been popular with the postal service employees that work just down the street, while the influx of recent residents to its Lowertown neighborhood has broadened its clientele. Kelly's has all the funky atmosphere and charm of a dive without any of the unsavory aspects, and its fenced-in patio section is ideal for patrons who prefer outdoor ambiance. Read more about Kelly's Depot >>

  • The Liffey

    The Liffey

    175 W. 7th St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-556-1420 With an all-day happy hour and the best Guinness pour in town, the Liffey is a new St. Paul bar with old-world Irish heart. Fans of woodworking should drop by to check out the hand-carved teak everything made by artisans back in County Wexford; fans of Emerald isle comfort foods should stop by for some estimable fish and chips, home-made, spicily scented corned beef, or hangover-busting curried chips; and fans of someplace new to take the parents for breakfast should check out the budget-friendly Sunday brunch. Read more about The Liffey >>

  • The Lobby Bar

    The Lobby Bar

    350 Market St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-228-3804 Hotel bars tend to provide one of the first impressions hotel guests have of their lodgings, and the Lobby Bar makes for a great first glance at the venerable St. Paul Hotel. Compact and cozy, with a leather-and-wood decor that feels both new and timeless, this small bar feels integral to the hotel's entryway without spilling out into it. Live piano-bar jazz is on the agenda on Friday and Saturday evenings. Read more about The Lobby Bar >>

  • Louie's Bar

    883 Payne Ave. St Paul, MN 55130-4101

  • Minnesota Music Cafe

    Minnesota Music Cafe

    501 Payne Ave. St. Paul, MN 55130
    651-776-4699 A funky but friendly roadhouse bordering the East Side and Downtown St. Paul, the Minnesota Music Cafe is a cavernous bar and music venue with a spacious patio, prime stage setup and walls covered in local and national music memorabilia. Band lineups appeal to blues, rock, soul and metal fans alike. Read more about Minnesota Music Cafe >>

  • Moscow On the Hill Restaurant

    Moscow On the Hill Restaurant

    371 Selby Ave. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-291-1236 A real Russian celebratory meal is easily a seven-hour affair, full of hearty drinking, heavy dining, singing, dancing, and extreme revelry of every sort; in a restaurant, it's typical for one party to remain at a table from evening's open to late night's close. If you've got the time, the will, and the stamina, that experience can be found at Moscow on the Hill: Start off with one of a dozen varieties of vodka, follow with a bowl of borscht, more vodka, sing along with the live music for a while, get some blini or pickled fish, drink some more vodka, down a creamy entree like beef stroganoff, more vodka, and then, singing, wander off to your cab. In summer, be sure to add the lovely patio to your bar-hopping rounds. Read more about Moscow On the Hill Restaurant >>

  • The Muddy Pig

    The Muddy Pig

    162 N. Dale St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-254-1030 The Muddy Pig is one of those bars where banners advertise not cheap domestic pitchers but fine Belgian ales like Duvel, where the flat-screen TVs are visible but not the center of attention, and where the windows are big enough to remind you what neighborhood you're in. The Muddy Pig's beer selection ranges from familiar locals like Surly to pricey-for-a-reason connoisseur imports like Fantome. If you're overwhelmed by the cornucopia of ales and lambics-or the generous selection of scotches, bourbons, and whiskeys-a knowledgeable bartender can make a recommendation based on your interests. They don't half-ass the food, either; the kitchen is great at everything from traditional bar staples (try the nachos) to upscale tavern fare like grilled Portobello mushroom sandwiches and chicken Cordon Bleu. Read more about The Muddy Pig >>

  • Orginal Coney Island

    448 St. Peter St. St Paul, MN 55102-1107

  • Patrick McGovern

    Patrick McGovern's Pub & Restaurant

    225 W. 7th St. St. Paul, MN 55102
    651-224-5821 Inviting to local residents, workers and visitors to St. Paul cultural events who want to enjoy the long micro-brew beer list and specialty menu items, including their celebrated turkey sandwiches and pot pies. A sprawling summer patio and upstairs space keep things roomy on even the busiest Xcel event nights. Read more about Patrick McGovern's Pub & Restaurant >>

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