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Station 4

Station 4

Station 4 boasts a convenient location, friendly bar staff, an unostentatious neighborhood-bar atmosphere and a stage area that accommodates metal's loudness well.
Clubhouse Jager

Clubhouse Jager

This immaculately-restored Germanic-style pub with its popular outdoor patio is a sort of trendy end-cap of the Warehouse district's nightlife, foregoing a TV-assault atmosphere of noise for a relatively low-key atmosphere.
Whole Music Club

Whole Music Club

Nestled in the basement of Coffman Union, the Whole has been a fixture on the U of M's campus since the hippie days. There's no such thing as an expensive show here -- typical cover charge is $5 or less.

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  • Buster

    Buster's on 28th

    4204 28th Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55406
    612-729-0911 Neighborhood bar known for its large beer list--dozens of hard-to-find drafts come from as close as Wisconsin and as far as Belgium. Better-than-average bar food includes bison burgers and homemade salt-and-vinegar potato chips. Read more about Buster's on 28th >>

  • Cardinal Tavern

    Cardinal Tavern

    2920 E. 38th St. Minneapolis, MN 55406

    Like other South Minneapolis bars of its ilk, the Cardinal Tavern serves beer, wine, and no booze. But dry your eyes -- it offers plenty more to make up for it. The bar has a full kitchen with great specials on burgers, carries Jakeeno's Pizza (another South Minneapolis mainstay), offers karaoke, pool tables, darts, and game specials. And, most importantly, it's just a jump away from the 38th Street Light Rail station, making it a convenient place to stop pre- or post-game. Read more about Cardinal Tavern >>

  • Hexagon Bar

    Hexagon Bar

    2600 27th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406
    612-722-3454 Looking for all your ultra-hip friends? Check here first. The Hexagon is Minneapolis' first stop for all the local bands that are starting to create a buzz around town. It's split into two sections, "The bar side" and "The stage side" as most refer to them. Catch up on the latest gossip with your companions over a beer on the bar side before heading over to the stage side to see that band you've been hearing so much about lately. Read more about Hexagon Bar >>

  • Rail Station Bar & Grill

    Rail Station Bar & Grill

    3675 Minnehaha Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55406
    612-729-3663 At first sight, the Rail Station Bar and Grill -- located conveniently on Minnehaha just blocks from the 38th Street Light Rail station -- seems like most other bars in the neighborhood. It's got a daily happy hour. A Tuesday night wing night and game specials. Pull tabs, Bargo, trivia, karaoke and a meat raffle. But take note: unlike other bars within the vicinity, the Rail Station has a full bar, including hard liquor. Plus, on Thursday afternoons from 11-2, it offers free therapeutic chair massages to customers. And the side of the building has a cool train car attached to it, apropros to the rail-heavy neighborhood. Read more about Rail Station Bar & Grill >>

  • Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar

    Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar

    3745 42nd Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406
    612-729-4200 Do you drink wine fairly often, and wish you knew more about it? Do you find you can't take a class because your free time is occupied with watching your heirs chew on large plastic keys? Well, load up the car seats and head to the Riverview Wine Bar, the greatest thing to happen to sociable parents since the invention of the backyard barbecue. The Riverview is two establishments connected by a door. On one side is a coffee shop with a vast play area, toys, little tables, and so forth, along with couches for the grownups (and all the coffee drinks you could ever want); on the other side is a romantic wine bar with a fireplace, great snacks like olives and pizzas, and a wine list with a serious education mission. (Half a dozen wine flights are always available, which means you get three little glasses of wine chosen so that you can taste and explore a grape varietal or particular region--do this a dozen times a year and you'll know more about wine than half the servers in snooty restaurants.) Read more about Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar >>

  • Schooner Tavern

    Schooner Tavern

    2901 27th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406
    612-729-4365 A true locals-type bar right in the heart of Seward. The well-worn, nautical-themed (natch) interior gives the feeling that's it been here since Minneapolis was incorporated as a city. Order a Heggie's pizza if you get hungry or just belly up and listen to local cover, blues, funk and soul bands that play on the weekends. Read more about Schooner Tavern >>

  • Sunrise Inn

    4563 34th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406-3834

  • T

    T's Place

    2713 E. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55406
    612-724-8868 T's Place was opened by Chef Tee Belachew, who has brought his knowledge of traditional Ethiopian home cooking and time spent researching the spices of Europe and Asia to his made-from-scratch menu. But at T's, it's not just about the food: the establishment features plenty of spots to belly up to the bar, as well as a stage for live entertainment. Read more about T's Place >>