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Station 4

Station 4

Station 4 boasts a convenient location, friendly bar staff, an unostentatious neighborhood-bar atmosphere and a stage area that accommodates metal's loudness well.
Clubhouse Jager

Clubhouse Jager

This immaculately-restored Germanic-style pub with its popular outdoor patio is a sort of trendy end-cap of the Warehouse district's nightlife, foregoing a TV-assault atmosphere of noise for a relatively low-key atmosphere.
Whole Music Club

Whole Music Club

Nestled in the basement of Coffman Union, the Whole has been a fixture on the U of M's campus since the hippie days. There's no such thing as an expensive show here -- typical cover charge is $5 or less.

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  • Lee

    Lee's Liquor Lounge

    101 Glenwood Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-338-9491 This wood-paneled honky tonk bar has seen a bit of renovation and redecoration since Target Field sprung up a stone's throw away. But make no mistake: Lee's Liquor Lounge is still the same home to working-class country, roots and rock music it's been for years, and it's a great place to catch a show and tip back a beer or two without blowing your budget. Read more about Lee's Liquor Lounge >>

  • Light Nightclub

    322 1st Ave. N Minneapolis, MN 55401

  • The Living Room

    The Living Room

    825 Marquette Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55402
    612-597-2413 The Living Room is the W Hotel's ultra-posh centerpiece, perfect for sipping fine cocktails by candlelight or dancing to a live DJ into the wee hours. The club is arranged like no living room you've ever seen, with an immense floor plan dotted with Art Deco sofas, ornate lighting, enormous leather chairs and an open fireplace. Check out the sky-high selection of liquors climbing the walls, or rent the attached Speakeasy for private occasions. Read more about The Living Room >>

  • The Local

    The Local

    931 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55402
    612-904-1000 How much wood would a wood-carver carve if a wood-carver would have free rein to fill up an enormous space with bars and sculptures and snugs and whatnot? Answer: A lot of wood. A lot. This much wood makes you crave an Irish whiskey and a pint of Harp, which are exactly what the Local seems to sell a billion of on a Saturday night. So it's a great place to drink, a swell place to collect the phone numbers of comely strangers. And if you know what the gossip columns have reported happened in that one snug off near the bathrooms, give yourself extra points for knowing your Twin Cities tongue-twisters down cold. Read more about The Local >>

  • The Loft

    The Loft

    711 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-333-6100 Like the larger music room downstairs, the upper level of the Skyway Theatre hosts frequent DJ and live music nights, especially focusing on cutting-edge electronic dance artists in genres ranging from techno to dubstep. Read more about The Loft >>

  • Loon Cafe

    Loon Cafe

    500 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-332-8342 One of the tip-top see-and-be-seen destinations for older U students and younger corporate suits. The fact that their burgers are spectacular doesn't help keep the crowds down. Read more about Loon Cafe >>

  • The Loop Bar & Restaurant

    The Loop Bar & Restaurant

    606 Washington Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55401
    612-340-0010 The Loop boasts the largest 360-degree bar in Minneapolis, though it's far from their only selling point: happy hour deals on their excellent appetizers and a large drink menu are more substantial draws. It can get crowded on game days and weekends, but even then the atmosphere's more vibrant than stifling. Read more about The Loop Bar & Restaurant >>

  • Rouge at the Lounge

    Rouge at the Lounge

    411 2nd Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55401
    612-333-8800 Don't let the nondescript name fool you: The Lounge isn't just a generic party-down repository. The club's roster of regular in-house and special-guest DJs spin everything from Top 40 to classic house to old school hip-hop -- sometimes all in the same night in three of the club's different music rooms. The Lounge's mission of catering to a diverse dance-club clientele means not having to feel left out during a long night of getting down. Read more about Rouge at the Lounge >>

  • Lyon

    Lyon's Pub

    16 S. 6th St. Minneapolis, MN 55402
    612-333-6612 Located right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Lyon's pub has been a convenient and welcoming place to meet up before or after any big event since 1984. With a spacious new addition, Lyon's Pub can easily handle the crowds, while also providing free shuttles to patrons before Vikings games. The bar also features affordable specials during its happy-hour, a wide-ranging menu, and deals on game days as well. Read more about Lyon's Pub >>

  • MacKenzie


    918 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-333-7268 A busy hangout for show goers from the State, Pantages and Orpheum theaters, as well as Target Field fans willing to walk a few blocks. A scenic place to grab a selection from the extensive specialty beer list. Read more about MacKenzie >>

  • Martini


    1313 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403

    In its place at the front of the Nicollet Mall Milennium Hotel, Martini's makes no attempt to tuck itself out of the way -- just turn your head to the left after entering the revolving doors, and there it is. This play at visible accessibility makes Martini's one of the more up-front and inviting hotel lobby bars in the downtown area, and its namesake drinks make it one of the classiest. Read more about Martini's >>

  • Marvel Bar

    Marvel Bar

    50 2nd Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55401
    612-206-3929 This speakeasy at the back of The Bachelor Farmer is where the term "liquoratti" was aptly coined. The drinks are astounding, boundary-pushing, and delicious. Pip Hanson sets about creating new cocktail sensations like a Zen master. The room is perfectly dim, elegantly furnished, and perfectly constructed to woo the cool kids. Just be certain to grab a bite before you go; Marvel Bar serves the best drinks in town, but they don't serve food. Read more about Marvel Bar >>

  • Memory Lanes

    Memory Lanes

    2520 26th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-721-6211 Bowling and rock music collide here on a regular basis. The stage is set up across four of the 30 lanes on weekend nights so you can go for that elusive 300 game while rocking out to cover bands, local bands and a smattering of touring bands from nearby states. In front is The Flashback Cafe with a menu featuring burger and fries-type fare. Read more about Memory Lanes >>

  • Mill City Nights

    Mill City Nights

    111 N. 5th St. Minneapolis, MN 55403

  • Minneapolis Community and Technical College

    Minneapolis Community and Technical College

    1501 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403

  • Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery

    Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery

    1430 Washington Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55454
    612-339-8696 One of the best brew pubs in the city, the Town Hall Brewery boasts a 36-foot mahogany bar, 5 on-site-brewed beers (including West Bank Pub Ale), a whole bunch of single-malt scotches, and some first rate burgers. Two big rooms and patio seating give it an expansive, lively feel. Read more about Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery >>

  • Monte Carlo Bar & Grill

    Monte Carlo Bar & Grill

    219 3rd Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55401

    A fixture of the Warehouse District dating back to the days when those buildings housed the gears of Minnesota industry instead of condos, the Monte Carlo has spent more than a century as one of the classic gems of city dining. Sandwiches, a ruling Caesar salad, and a laid-back Sunday brunch make Monte Carlo a convivial place to be. Read more about Monte Carlo Bar & Grill >>

  • News Room

    News Room

    990 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55402
    612-343-0073 The News Room is probably too bright and cheery to be an "authentic" newspaper hangout, but it certainly is an inviting place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a drink. The menu hits plenty of highlights at each meal, from steak and eggs for breakfast to the vegetarian "Tree Hugger" for lunch to a salmon dinner and Chicken Roulade, which has a breast stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes, all wrapped in a brick pastry. Breakfasts are typically under $10, with lunch sandwiches running a bit more and dinners ranging up to the mid $30s for several steak items. Read more about News Room >>

  • Nomad World Pub

    Nomad World Pub

    501 Cedar Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55454
    612-338-6424 There's sports bars, and then there's the Nomad: the West Bank watering hole -- home to an immense selection of tap beers from around the world -- has proven to be a Minnesotan soccer fan's best friend by becoming one of the best places to catch footie tournaments on TV. They also boast a great patio, an enclosed lawn tailor-made for bocce, and a stage that features regular visits from up-and-coming local bands. Read more about Nomad World Pub >>

  • O

    O'Donovan's Irish Pub

    700 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-317-8896 This classic Irish bar benefits from a prime location -- a short distance from Target Center, Target Field, and Hennepin's theater district -- but it's not just its proximity to downtown Minneapolis hotspots that factors into its appeal. A homey atmosphere, replete with welcoming woodwork, plush upholstered seats and a stone fireplace, makes it a classy destination to tip back a few. Read more about O'Donovan's Irish Pub >>

  • Palmer

    Palmer's Bar

    500 S. Cedar Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55454
    612-333-7625 Palmer's is one of those bars that's just as likely to have a busy Tuesday afternoon as it is to have a packed Friday night. That doesn't necessarily make it a dive, though -- amidst a neighborhood filled with venues offering craft beers and rock shows, it fills a more down-to-earth role as the West Bank's blue-collar neighborhood bar. Amiable staff, an open summer patio and live music by local folk, blues and country notables make it a worthwhile destination. Read more about Palmer's Bar >>

  • The Pourhouse

    The Pourhouse

    10 S. 5th St. Minneapolis, MN 55402

  • Prohibition


    821 Marquette Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55402
    612-215-3700 Once a private retreat for convicted fraudster and utilities mogul Wilbur Foshay, Prohibition distills contemporary class and shakes in the spirit of alcohol's most infamous era. Swallow your vertigo and ride the elevator from the W Hotel's elegant lobby to the 27th floor, where you'll enjoy spendy signature cocktails in comfortable, candle-lit spaces. Creep into a quiet loft for added solitude, and be sure to check out the skyline views. Read more about Prohibition >>

  • The Record Room

    The Record Room

    701 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-332-1775 This dance-party alcove of First Avenue used to be called the VIP Lounge, but that name never quite fit. That's because the shows that take place in what is now called the Record Room are a lot more democratic, freewheeling and affordable than the "strict and fashionable dress code enforced" velvet-rope ramparts scattered across downtown Minneapolis. Recurring DJ nights abound, from deep drum'n'bass events to get-wild hip hop sets. If your idea of seeing and being seen involves unpretentious style and the chance to listen to music that goes deeper than Top 40, this is your late-night destination. Read more about The Record Room >>

  • Red Eye Collaboration

    15 W. 14th St. Minneapolis, MN 55403-2301

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