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Station 4

Station 4

Station 4 boasts a convenient location, friendly bar staff, an unostentatious neighborhood-bar atmosphere and a stage area that accommodates metal's loudness well.
Clubhouse Jager

Clubhouse Jager

This immaculately-restored Germanic-style pub with its popular outdoor patio is a sort of trendy end-cap of the Warehouse district's nightlife, foregoing a TV-assault atmosphere of noise for a relatively low-key atmosphere.
Whole Music Club

Whole Music Club

Nestled in the basement of Coffman Union, the Whole has been a fixture on the U of M's campus since the hippie days. There's no such thing as an expensive show here -- typical cover charge is $5 or less.

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  • Dog House Bar and Grill

    Dog House Bar and Grill

    2029 Woodlyn Ave. Maplewood, MN 55109

  • The Foundry Pub

    The Foundry Pub

    1201 Jackson St. Maplewood, MN 55117
    651-489-6310 As it's the only place of its kind in the neighborhood, Foundry Pub truly feels like a neighborhood bar. The staff hangs out with the patrons, and the space feels comfortable and relaxing. Not to say that you'd have to have a quiet visit, as there's a party room upstairs and a variety of arcade games and dartboards to spice up an evening. The walls are decorated with what appear to be old logging photographs and artifacts, and the space is lit with glowing strings of lights. The menu provides a variety of affordable drinks and drink specials. There is also a heated smoking patio and a small bar menu. Read more about The Foundry Pub >>

  • Hoover

    Hoover's Pub

    755 Jackson St. Maplewood, MN 55117

    Tucked among Oakland Cemetery, Region's Hospital and numerous industrial zones on St. Paul's North End is this neighborhood pub. The brick, windowless and slightly intimidating exterior shouldn't discourage adventurous barflies from checking out Hoover's. The interior is clean, well-decorated and pleasantly staffed. Shuffleboard, pull-tabs and a mini-chip bag rack at the bar complete its retro Midwestern pub aesthetic. Read more about Hoover's Pub >>

  • Lonetti's Lounge

    1091 Rice St. Maplewood, MN 55117

  • Myth


    3090 Southlawn Dr. Maplewood, MN 55109
    651-779-6984 The Myth Nightclub is located north of downtown St. Paul in a spacious, modern facility. It has hosted some of the biggest acts in music, including Prince, the Flaming Lips, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Motley Crüe, to name a few. The club has multiple levels to watch performances from, a top-notch sound system, luxury lounges, and a rooftop patio, as well as a wide array of private VIP rooms upstairs that provide unimpeded views of the large stage. The Myth features 36,000 square feet of production space, with a capacity of 3200. The club can be rented out for special events and transformed to suit any corporate needs or private functions. In addition to live music, the Myth has also hosted MMA and boxing matches, fashion shows, and various launch parties, all in the comfortable confines of their first-class facility. The Myth, located next to the Maplewood Mall, provides plenty of free parking when the venue's vast complimentary parking lot is filled. Read more about Myth >>

  • Neumann

    Neumann's Bar

    2531 E. 7th Ave. N. Maplewood, MN 55109
    651-770-6020 Minnesota's oldest continuously operating bar, Neumann's has been a mainstay of North St. Paul since it was first opened by the Hamm's Brewery in 1887. Since then, it's survived a fire that destroyed its original location (now its patio, with the new bar quickly built to replace it in the early 20th century), Prohibition (selling "near-beer" and maybe a little extra on the down-low), and the communications revolution that dictated the bar finally install a phone connecting it by wires to the outside world for the first time -- in 1969. (Legend tells that its original owner didn't want women to be able to call the bar to check in on their husbands.) The decor features beautiful woodwork, original fixtures, a bullfrog aquarium, and very saloon-worthy taxidermy. Neumann's also offers food specials including cheap tacos and dollar burgers, as well as live music and motorcycle ride events. Read more about Neumann's Bar >>

  • Schroeders Bar & Grill

    605 Front Ave. St Paul, MN 55117-4708

  • Scooters

    755 Jackson St. St Paul, MN 55117-5536

  • Tin Cup Restaurant & Bar

    1220 Rice St. Maplewood, MN 55117

  • Wilebski

    Wilebski's Blues Saloon

    1638 Rice St. Maplewood, MN 55117
    651-331-0929 Wilebski's has been a St. Paul mainstay since 1979, and in earlier years it featured such legendary performers as Etta James and John Lee Hooker. Since then, it's been reinvigorated by a move from its location on Western Avenue North to a new spot on Rice Street. The ambiance of the new Wilebski's feels a little like your uncle's hip basement rec room mixed with an old-timey saloon, though it always reminds you that it is first and foremost a blues club. As such, the generously-sized space features a cavernous live room with plenty of space to see and hear music, with friendly sight-lines all around. In addition to weekend and Tuesday night live acts, the bar is open seven days a week and features a full menu. Read more about Wilebski's Blues Saloon >>