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Station 4

Station 4

Station 4 boasts a convenient location, friendly bar staff, an unostentatious neighborhood-bar atmosphere and a stage area that accommodates metal's loudness well.
Clubhouse Jager

Clubhouse Jager

This immaculately-restored Germanic-style pub with its popular outdoor patio is a sort of trendy end-cap of the Warehouse district's nightlife, foregoing a TV-assault atmosphere of noise for a relatively low-key atmosphere.
Whole Music Club

Whole Music Club

Nestled in the basement of Coffman Union, the Whole has been a fixture on the U of M's campus since the hippie days. There's no such thing as an expensive show here -- typical cover charge is $5 or less.

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  • Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant

    Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant

    1010 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-332-1010 The standard line on the Dakota is that it has the best food of any jazz club in the country. That's got to be true, but doesn't really cover it. When there is no music playing at all, the Dakota is a very classy lunch or dinner spot. At lunch in the dining room you'll find the best salads in downtown, along with unexpected sandwiches. During dinner, the spacious, contemporary dining room's well-spaced tables are graced with a rotating list of all-American originals. When there is live music, in the two-level bar and concert area, the Dakota offers all kinds of edible treats to enhance your jazz-going experience--or quiet your teenager into appreciating the beauty before him: fun, forthright desserts, skinny fries, and killer burgers. Read more about Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant >>

  • Dancing Ganesha

    Dancing Ganesha

    1100 Harmon Place Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-338-1877 The owners of Nala Pak take Indian food upscale, both in ambiance (it's in the former home of Willie's Wine Bar in downtown Minneapolis) and fare. The wide-reaching menu includes everything from snack foods found in India's streets to Continental-style fare served in its fancy hotels. It reaches across India's regions and beyond its borders, with vegetarian dosas from the south; tandoori, or clay-oven-cooked, meats from the north; and seafood from the western coast. There are dishes with Chinese, Afghan, and even Anglo influences, such as mulligatawny soup, the famous dish Indian cooks created to please the British Raj. Classics like biryani, paneer butter masala, and gobi Manchurian are delicious, but the upscale dishes and service aren't reliable enough to make Dancing Ganesha feel like it's breaking much new ground. Read more about Dancing Ganesha >>

  • Danny's Bar and Grill

    13600 N. Hudson Blvd. Stillwater, MN 55082

  • Darby

    Darby's Pub and Grill

    401 N. 3rd St. Minneapolis, MN 55401
    612-746-5064 Located on the ground floor of the Designer's Guild Building, Darby's took a modest yet friendly cafe with high-quality food and transformed it into a spacious, airy bar with a huge patio. A combination of fine eats -- classic Americana fare with some unique Cajun and Caribbean surprises -- and prime location makes it the ideal pre- or post-game stop for the Target Field crowd. Read more about Darby's Pub and Grill >>

  • Darby's Pub and Grill

    315 N. 5th Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55401

  • Dean

    Dean's Tavern

    1986 Rice St. Roseville, MN 55113
    651-488-6868 Located on the stretch of Rice Street just south of 36, Dean's Bar resides in a quaint building that looks like it should be situated on a lake in Northern Minnesota. It's a great place to go for cheap food and drinks, with generous happy hour and all-you-can-eat specials on a regular basis. Additionally, the bar has live music, bingo, football specials, beer pong, karaoke, a generously-sized menu with breakfast served all day, plenty of space for large groups and parties -- and, most importantly, a very friendly atmosphere. Read more about Dean's Tavern >>

  • Deja Vu Nightclub

    Deja Vu Nightclub

    315 Washington Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55401
    612-333-6333 This hot-pink Washington Avenue club is part of a national chain that set up shop in Minneapolis in the early '90s, and it's infamous for its slogan: "1000s of Beautiful Girls... and 3 Ugly Ones." It's also one of those strip clubs that doesn't serve alcohol, though the fully-nude nature of the dancers is considered enough of a main draw to compensate. Read more about Deja Vu Nightclub >>

  • The Depot Coffee House

    The Depot Coffee House

    9451 Excelsior Blvd. Hopkins, MN 55343
    952-938-2204 The Depot Coffee House in Hopkins is housed in an old train depot and run by local students. The coffee shop serves organic and Fair Trade coffee as well as snacks and ice cream in a relaxed, casual environment. The venue also hosts many open mic nights and live music events throughout the week, as well as art showings by many area artists. Its location right next to the Hopkins bike path also makes it a popular stop for cyclists. Read more about The Depot Coffee House >>

  • The Depot Tavern

    The Depot Tavern

    17 N. 7th. St. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-338-1828 First Avenue is still a place a teenager might feel reluctant to let her mother survey before dropping her off for a concert, but its bar-restaurant, the Depot, looks squeaky enough to belong in a suburban shopping mall. The space feels rather cavernous and kind of generic, save for the televisions that display live feeds from both of the stages, and the garage door opening onto the sidewalk, which draws in plenty of light, fresh air, and Twins fans in search of a pit stop. The Depot specializes in bar food with attitude such as thick-cut French fries that arrive with a trio of house-made dipping sauces and a bacon-wrapped hot dog served in a soft pretzel bun. Who thought you'd ever be able to order a Coconut Curry Chopped Salad at a club that's hosted Garbage and the Suicide Commandos? Read more about The Depot Tavern >>

  • Dixie

    Dixie's On Grand

    695 Grand Ave. St. Paul, MN 55105
    651-222-7345 Dixie's may not be enough to make a true Southerner feel homesick, but it does serve a wide variety of Gulf state comfort food. Its generic but comfortable décor matches its middle-of-the-road menu, heavy on "blackened" fish and meat, sandwiches, and Cajun spices. The jambalaya and gumbo are popular favorites, along with po' boys (catfish, shrimp, and pork), and house-smoked barbecue. Entrees are generally $13 to $20 and range from Kentucky bourbon pot roast and honey pecan chicken to coconut fried shrimp and seafood potpie. Specials every month feature food from a different Southern state. Summer options include a patio and Sunday champagne brunch. Read more about Dixie's On Grand >>

  • Doc

    Doc's Landing

    3200 N. White Bear Ave. White Bear Lake, MN 55110

    A "dead end" sign greets visitors of Doc's turning down the only road leading to this neon-flooded Maplewood roadhouse. It's probably a city-mandated sign, but one could take it as admonishment to the vice of the bottle. Whatever its interpretation, Doc's serves up the drinks in comfortable sports bar fashion. Its large rectangular bar anchors the space, while brightly lit pool tables put players in a spotlight when they're behind the eight ball. Free parking, sports and strong drinks. Read more about Doc's Landing >>

  • Dog House Bar and Grill

    Dog House Bar and Grill

    2029 Woodlyn Ave. Maplewood, MN 55109

  • Donny Dirk

    Donny Dirk's Zombie Den

    2027 N. 2nd St. Minneapolis, MN 55411
    612-588-9700 Its name seems ill fitting-at first. One steps from the still Second Avenue pavement into Donny Dirk's Zombie Den expecting blood, guts and Goths, but discovers a quaint, cozy pub reminiscent of grandma's favorite supper club. When one's pupils adjust, clever embellishments appear: a chainsaw behind glass (to be broken in case of zombie attack), and on the walls, zombie heads galore. Donny Dirk's hosts occasional zombie-themed events and is available for private parties. Read more about Donny Dirk's Zombie Den >>

  • Dover Restaurant And Bar

    Dover Restaurant And Bar

    1500 Park Place Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55416

    This bar and restaurant, located on the first floor of the Doubletree just off 394 west of downtown, is a hotel bar that doesn't feel like one. Namely, it doesn't exhibit the stiff unfamiliarity of hotel bars full of lone traveling businessmen and businesswomen, a solitary bartender wiping down glasses while a lonely man at the bar bends his ear. The restaurant is bright and cheery, the staff friendly, and the clientele gregarious. Read more about Dover Restaurant And Bar >>

  • Downtown Cabaret

    Downtown Cabaret

    115 S. 4th St. Minneapolis, MN 55401

    Among Minneapolis' adult nightlife options, the Downtown Cabaret (formerly Schieks Palace Royale) is one of the most high-end experiences. Located in a former bank, Schieks' early '90s roots as a steakhouse are still in evidence, as patrons can take advantage of a generous food menu. The old castle-like building, marble walls and library-esque bar make Schieks feel more like a fancy restaurant than a gentlemen's club -- though the lack of poles for the dancers onstage is also a factor. And even if you're not interested in the champagne room, you still have your choice of champagne bottle service. Read more about Downtown Cabaret >>

  • Dream Girls

    Dream Girls

    12 N. 5th St. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    612-333-7326 Like a remnant of an old-school downtown Minneapolis -- back when Block E was Block E and strip clubs didn't have champagne rooms -- Dream Girls sits across from a light rail station next to a convenience store and looms over the street like a monolith of adult entertainment. Fully-nude dancers mean, per local statutes, that the bar can't serve alcohol, but Dream Girls happens to be adjacent to Sneaky Pete's Ultimate Fun Bar -- just get your drink on next door, and when the bar closes, you can cross over at no cover charge. Read more about Dream Girls >>

  • Driftwood Char Bar

    Driftwood Char Bar

    4415 Nicollet Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55419

  • Dubliner Pub

    Dubliner Pub

    2162 University Ave. W. St. Paul, MN 55114
    651-646-5551 A no-nonsense Irish pub in the budding Midway-Vandalia neighborhood, the Dubliner plays host to live music almost every night of the week. Wooden barstools opposite the stage provide a nice vantage point for all the locals nursing their Powers and Jamesons. Read more about Dubliner Pub >>

  • Dubs Pub & Grill

    412 14th Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414-2006

  • Dugout Bar

    Dugout Bar

    96 Mahtomedi Ave. White Bear Lake, MN 55115
    651-429-8640 A collection of Twins and Gophers memorabilia is the pride of this Willernie sports bar. Signed jerseys and framed shrines to championship wins are on display for first-time visitors. A large adjoining room opens on the weekends for live music. A game of pool, darts or Golden Tee can be had in a rustic rec room. An essential destination for those drinking out in the Mahtomedi/Willernie area. Read more about Dugout Bar >>

  • Dukem Ethiopean Restaurant

    2516 7th St. W. St Paul, MN 55116-2817

  • Dulono


    607 W. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55408
    612-827-1726 When you step inside Dulono's, the first thing that hits you is the smell of pizza--thin crust, cooked to maximum crispness, like a childhood pizza dream. Most longtime Minneapolis residents have a Dulono's memory, enhanced by those pizzas cut into squares, served in a room full of colorful pizza parlor domed lights, with beer signs on the wall. Dulono's is a great late-night stop, open till 3 a.m. everyday, with live bluegrass on weekends and a rollicking motorcycle night the first Thursday of the month that keeps the place packed. Unpretentious and delicious, that cracker-crusted pizza with homemade sauce, dough, and sausage is so fine, as is the fried chicken. Dulono's, which has been around since 1957, is a Lyn-Lake institution, down to the sign that always looks as if the letters are just about to fall off into Lake Street. Read more about Dulono's >>

  • Dunn Brothers Lowry Hill

    2528 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55405

  • Dusty

    Dusty's Bar

    1319 Marshall St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413
    612-378-2118 Tucked away in a lonely little corner on the edge of Northeast Minneapolis, Dusty's is your quintessential dive bar. Famous for its house-made Dago burgers, this simple little slice of a place is a mix of dive bar classics with a few unexpected treasures. In one corner, the old-fashioned jukebox will play you any number of classics, the one TV mounted in the corner will play only local games, and the no-pretenses bartender will pour you a no-nonsense tap beer. But lo: there's a little side door that leads out to one of the most unexpected and utterly lovely patios in town, filled with a half dozen tables and some Christmas lights. It's an intimate, partly covered space shoved into an alley, and packs a lot of charm for a place that would never call itself charming. Overall, Dusty's is the place if you're in the mood for a quiet drink alone, a dirt-cheap dive bar-great lunch, or a cold beer to enjoy with the game. Read more about Dusty's Bar >>