Zombie Pub Crawl V: It's Starting to Stink

Do you have an insatiable hunger for brains? Are some of your appendages rotting off? Are you starting to smell really bad? Then you just might be a zombie. Zombies tend to move in packs, so if you're looking to meet up with people of similar interests you should check out the fifth installment of the Zombie Pub Crawl. The undead, unwashed masses will meet at Gold Medal Park (900 S. Second St., Minneapolis) at the stroke of 4 p.m. The area will be full of intelligent, tasty brains since it's right by the Guthrie. If you need blood, moan politely for some from a kind crawler who is willing to share. Crowds will then wander down Washington Avenue, where tons of bars along the West Bank will be offering drink discounts to those who ask for the "zombie special." Be prepared for a surreal experience. Last year we saw zombie Pope, Elvis, and Jesus sharing a PBR together; zombies moaning in alleyways; and a zombie George Washington dancing to "When the Saints Go Marching In" (a jazz band staying in a nearby hotel decided to jam out on the sidewalk near a zombie-filled bar). If your hunger for brains still isn't sated, stop by the Cabooze around 9ish and $8 will get you into the post-party concert. Visit zombiepubcrawl.com for more info.
Sat., Oct. 10, 4 p.m.-midnight, 2009

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