Zombie Pub Crawl

So, you've recently clawed your way out of the ground. You're a little dirty, a little stiff in gait, and you've got a Gatorade deep-down body thirst for...brains. It sounds like you're a good fit for Zombie Pub Crawl III. So put on your undead best (check out the website for zombification tips and a recipe for realistic-looking, tasty blood), and limp your way over to Gold Medal Park. There you will find like-minded undead in search of brains and booze (it's not like your liver is functioning anyway). After a zombie pep rally, a slow march of the damned will ensue down Washington, invading places like Grumpy's, Town Hall, the Nomad, Triple Rock, and Palmer's Bar. Those that groan for their orders are given a drink deal. If a zombie gig can be dull, this one isn't—past crawls have featured Jesus and Michael Jackson zombies, attacks on random people in cars, and the crashing of a wedding party at Stasiu's. Last year's crawl featured a dueling pirate crawl—despite the blessing of pirate Jesus, zombies managed to have the edge after capturing the pirate flag. No worries on animosity, though—things were resolved peacefully in a parking-lot dance-off. The event starts off as all ages, but bring I.D. to drink.
Sat., Oct. 6, 3 p.m., 2007

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