Zipp's Beer Tasting

When you go to a bar, do you always order the same pint without even taking a look at the menu? Are you in a beer rut? Tonight's benefit tasting at the Cedar may be just the thing to get you hopping about brews again. Hosted by Zipp's, the Seward-area liquor store boasting over 1,000 varieties of beer, this evening will feature a little of everything. They'll be bringing local favorites, obscure varieties, and international brands (think Belgian), though they do boast that there shall be nary a Miller High Life available to chug. So toss off that alcoholic security blanket and get a little experimental. There will also be items to bid on during the silent auction and food to enjoy from the Seward Co-op. Proceeds benefit breast cancer awareness. 21+. (Photo by Mykl Roventine)
Wed., Nov. 4, 6:30 p.m., 2009

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