Photo by Zach Weinberg


Ziggy Marley

June 30
7 p.m.
Reggae, Singer-Songwriter

Ziggy Marley chose an eponymous title for his latest album, a curious decision considering his three-plus decade career as hitmaker, Grammy winner, and chief heir of his father’s enormous legacy. Maybe he did so because many of the new songs have an intimate feel and are very personal, though they’re not about Ziggy himself. Rather, they reflect his particular, obviously sincerely held beliefs about the precarious state of the world, which humanity has so screwed up that even “Heaven Can’t Take It,” as he and brother Stephen lament on an anguished acoustic track. Ziggy’s solution is peace, love, understanding, plus mutual respect and the effervescent, classic reggae-fueled knowledge that we’re “Better Together.” If those look like platitudes on paper, they’re anything but with Zig’s passionate delivery and the band’s shimmery vibe. In fact, the lilting music is far more enticing than ominous, a cheerful call for a love revolution set to a wicked hitched beat.