Zenon, "Zenon Angle of Incidence" by Sam Kim. Steve Niedorf


Zenon Dance Company: 34th Fall Season

Every Fri. and Sat. from Nov. 11-19
8 p.m.
Nov. 20
2 p.m.

Zenon offers audiences a greater spectrum of contemporary dance than any other local company. Take this spate of fall concerts featuring bracing new works by New York choreographers, plus a Cuba-inspired dance by Zenon regular Danny Buraczeski. Recent rehearsals of Kendra Portier’s “Glorious Discoloration” and Greg Dolbashian’s “Eternal Reveal” showed how the splendid Zenon dancers infuse abstract dance architecture with a human pulse. Portier’s work taps into their fluid muscularity, creating a brave new world both primal and spunky. An urban edge sharpens Dolbashian’s lush, full-bodied movement, while Buraczeski’s jazz-inflected “Song Awakened,” set to the Creole-Portuguese vocals of Cesaria Evora, unites zesty rhythms with soulful lyricism.