Zeke Caligiuri

Oct. 24
6 p.m.

“It seems to get forgotten or diminished — the time when our city went crazy,” writes Zeke Caligiuri, recalling 1995, the year he turned 18, the year Minneapolis became “Murderapolis.” Born and raised in the Powderhorn neighborhood, Caligiuri follows an all too familiar downward spiral: gang-banger friends + drugs + alcohol + guns = jail time. What is unexpected is the poetic curiosity Caligiuri exhibits in This Is Where I Am, his memoir out this October from the University of Minnesota Press. Over approximately 300 pages, the author attempts to understand how he landed behind bars, despite several wholesome aspects of his youth: a bee-slaying grandmother, a baseball-loving father, a community mural project, a part-time job at Dairy Queen. What dark forces collided, and how did they lead him to the moment that resulted in a jail sentence of over 30 years? You’ll have to read to find out. While Caligiuri remains incarcerated, there will still be a book-release party featuring readings by family, friends, and writing mentors. RSVP at